My name is Love Dimla-Shaw. I am, by marriage, a part of the James Shaw family branch and proud to be the mother of two of William and Agnes Shaw’s great-great-great-grandchildren.
On behalf of myself, my husband Ron, our son Marc and daughter Tito, and Ron’s son Stefan, I want to welcome you all to our home, Shawhaven Farm. We consider it a great honor and privilege to play the role of host family to this reunion … a “once-in-several-lifetimes” event.
I am amazed at how far so many of you have traveled and I can imagine that, for most, being here this weekend represents the end result of much rearrangement of work schedules, family plans and financial priorities. As such, it is our hope that this reunion proves to be everything you had hoped for and we truly want to do everything possible to make it so.

If there is anything we can do to make your visit to Shawhaven, and your Family Reunion, a more enjoyable and rewarding experience, please ask us. We probably can’t un-snarl every hitch that may develop, but we would surely like to try.
Une ferme peut ne pas avoir touts les equipements et facilites exiges pour recevoir 200 personnes, donce nous vous demandons votre indulgence pour les imperfections. Ces facilites son a votre dispositions et si nous pouvons ameliorer voter sejour parmi nous, n’hesitez pas a reclamer ou suggerer.
May your visit here be a time of renewed acquaintance and new acquaintance. We hope that a far-flung family will be brought a little closer together and that you leave here with fond memories of Shawhaven.
Above all enjoy yourselves.