Clan Shaw Society
3031 Appomattox Ave #102
Olney, MD, 20832

June 3, 2005

To The attendees of the First Shaw Family Reunion:

    I extend warm greetings from the Clan Shaw Society to the descendents of William Alexander Shaw and Agnes Dunn-Shaw.

    Our purposes are the same; to celebrate and honor our heritage as members of the worldwide clan and family of Shaw, and to so conduct ourselves as to make ourselves worthy of the name of our forefathers.

    We must always remember that we can not seek to bask in their glory; rather we must try to live as they would have lived, and to do honor to them.

    I understand that this is your first family reunion, and that you anticipate having an attendance of some 200 persons from Canada, the United States and Europe. That is a nice accomplishment for your group, and I congratulate you.

    Our mutual ancestors include many noteworthy individuals. I was only today rewriting some information of the two Shaws who won the Victoria Cross and the two who won the Medal of Honor. We are mindful of the accomplishments of the great George Bernard Shaw, who is so celebrated in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. I think of the Shaw clan of Prince Edward Island who gave so many of their sons in the world wars. And I think of Major Charles John Shaw of Tordarroch, who became the first recognized chief of Clan Shaw in 400 years, but who died at an early age, having been weakened by his time in a German prisoner of war camp after commanding one of the rearguard units which made possible the successful evacuation from Dunkirk.

    Ours is a great history and heritage. We must ever hold the banner high.

    Cum nad chuimhne ar sinnsre. (Remember our forefathers!)


    Yours aye,

    Meredith L. Shaw


The Governor General
La Gouverneure Generale
Rideau Hall
July 2005

    When the Shaw family came to Drummond Township 173 years ago, your ancestors joined many others from around the world in seeking opportunity in this great country. The culture, talent and adventurous spirit these settlers brought helped create the Canada we are so proud to call home today, a nation that continues to welcome newcomers and embrace the diversity they bring.

    Building the better life they sought was not always easy for your ancestors, but they persevered and led your family to where it is today. Their struggles and successes have not only become part of your own lore, but also part of the shared history of our country.

    To the members of the Shaw family who are marking this proud milestone, I send my best wishes as you go on to write your own chapters in history.

                                    Adrienne Clarkson


Legislative Assembly

July 2, 2005

    As a Member of Provincial Parliament of Lanark-Carleton I am pleased offer greetings to the Shaw Clan on the occasion of your first family reunion.

    Reuniting seven family lines of Shaws in Drummond Township after over a century and a half is indeed a historic occasion that demonstrates the rich tradition that exists in Lanark County.

    On behalf of all my constituents, I salute the Shaw family and extend my very best wishes for an enjoyable even.

    Yours sincerely,

Norman W. Sterling, Q.C., M.P.P.


Prime Minister
Premier Ministre

    I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending the reunion of the Shaw family. I would also like to bid a warm welcome to those family members from the United States and Europe who have traveled to Canada to take part in this event.

    As you celebrate the ties that bind you to one another, you will have the opportunity to look back upon the history of your family with pride and a sense of achievement. This gathering will allow you to renew old friendships, reminisce about cherished memories and reconnect with one another in such a special way.

    Please accept my best wishes for a most enjoyable reunion and celebration of your ancestors, William Alexander Shaw and Agnes Dunn-Shaw.

Paul Martin


Parliament Hill
440-C Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

Dear descendents of the Shaw family,

    You have all come to Shawhaven Farm for the weekend to commemorate the lives of William Alexander Shaw and Agnes Dunn-Shaw, their seven children and their progeny.

    It is touching that you have all gathered to celebrate your family roots.

    It is incredibly important to know one’s family history. It is also nice to share stories and learn about distant family members. Stories are a way to carry on one’s family history.

    What a wonderful gift to give your children!

    It is with great pleasure that I send you my warmest wishes for a joyous family reunion.

    Sincere best wishes for a wonderful weekend together.

Scott Reid, MP
Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox & Addingtong