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I am Janet - eternal companion to Phil, mom to Tim, Andy, Paul, Becky, David and Mary and mom-in-law to Liza and Stephanie. We live in rural MN on a little farmstead - and when the summers aren't too mosquito-full we love to spend time outdoors, gardening, walking, building strange creations (that would be the kids) and just having fun. We have lived here since 1994, and people still call it "Kenny Grove's place." It's a small community and old ideas die hard!

We are long time homeschoolers and I wouldn't have it any other way. We actually started homeschooling in 1986, when Tim would have gone to kindergarten and have taken one year at a time, and homeschooled every year since. Tim and Becky did go to 8th grade and kindergarten, respectively, but they both wanted to come home by the last 6 weeks of the school year and never went back again. They didn't like the lack of freedom to learn what they were interested in, the "herd mentality"- that everyone had to be on the same page all the time, and all the wasted time doing administrative tasks and things like "line up quietly now" that took way too much time. Much to the dismay of those who think homeschooling is a bad idea, our kids are turning out smart, sociable, creative and good. And I'm not at all biased!

We have a super program here in MN where juniors and seniors in high school - including homeschoolers - can attend college and the state pays for everything - and so far four of the kids have taken advantage of that and thoroughly enjoyed it! Tim went his junior and senior years and ended up staying at University of MN Crookston and graduating with a degree in Computer Science (well, that's not what they call it, but I can't remember the correct term....) He now is married to Liza, whom he met at UMC. She grew up in Fosston and they now live in San Fransicso CA where he is computer programmer for R-Path and she thinking about grad school.

Andy also attended UMC for 3 semesters. After that he worked for a year and saved up enough money to go on a mission. He was sent to the San Fernando Valley mission in CA and worked there for two years. He had some fabulous experiences and learned a lot about his faith, the Church and others. He is now a student in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University in Provo UT. He has a very cute wife named Stephanie, who for part of her life lived not far from here in Walnut Grove, MN. They are living at Wymount Family Housing at BYU. She is almost done with her degree in Food Science.

Paul went to UMC for 3 semesters. He has been working for several years for a cell phone game programmer who lives in Israel. it was a wonderful experience for him and although he never did meet Adi in person, he and Adi became good friends, a devout Jew and a devout Mormon, and they worked together well. Paul saved up enough money to go on a two year mission (thanks mostly to Adi!) and is now in Toronto. He said he wanted to be sent to a large city and he certainly got what he wanted! He's in the heart of Toronto now. Adi wants Paul to come to Israel when he is done with his mission. For updates about Paul see his section   of this web page.

Becky is a beautiful young woman who is now preparing to attend Dalls Roberts Academy in Provo UT. She very much enjoyed her experience at UMC and took two full years worth of courses, most of which should transfer to UND without a problem. She's been working at Target for 6 months to saave money for Dallas Roberts. This is a 14 month Cosmetology program. She's hoping that by doing this she'll have timme to think more about a major for college and have a job that will help put her through.

David is working on art on the computer and working on various merit badges for scouts. He plays piano and has played in church on numerous occasions. He's getting his permit soon and will be driving.

Mary is also a piano player and is in interested in many things. She's hoping to find a couple of horses to adopt this summer. She loves horse and has ever since she took riding lessons a few years back. She is our celebrator... if there is a reason to have a party, she has it all planned. And it's almost always very elaborate! She has two parakeets, one bunny and is looking for the right fish while waiting for her horses.

Phil teaches at UND and works part time for the Minnesota Chapter of  The Nature Conservancy . I sub at the Climax branch of the Lake Agassiz Regional Library on occasion.

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